uDrew makes a splash with Aquatic Leisure Technologies

20 January 2023

Last week, Aquatic Leisure Technologies Pty Ltd (ALT) signed a long-term agreement with uDrew Pty Ltd that is set to revolutionize their Lead to Contract and Planning Approval processes.

ALT is a Western Australian family owned and operated business with over 47 years’ experience.  As one of Australia’s largest fibreglass pool manufacturers, ALT currently produces approximately 5,000 pools per annum, servicing a growing market across Australia, New Zealand, Reunion Island, North America and the UK. As leaders in swimming pool technology, ALT has researched and developed ground-breaking, innovative production techniques unmatched by other pool companies.

“Our collaboration with uDrew has given us the tools to provide our clients unparalleled service while also streamlining our internal processes, allowing us to focus on growth …”  said Lynley Papineau, ALT Managing Director

Pictured above: uDrew CEO Tom Young with ALT Managing Director, Lynley Papineau at ALT head office in Jandakot, WA.

The long term (2 year) agreement ensures ALT will remain front runners of the industry and leaders of customer service by equipping their Sales Team with the uDrew Shop Floor and Interactive Planner modules.  These provide market-leading point of sale capabilities, while simultaneously increasing efficiency through direct integration with Councils and other ALT systems, from initial lead capture, site markup, sales contract and manufacturing.

“ALT are one of those rare home-grown success stories, who have managed to organically grow and thrive from their early beginnings in WA, and the world… We’re excited to have them on board and can’t wait to work with them as both uDrew and ALT go from strength to strength and expand together, both nationally and internationally…” remarked Tom Young, uDrew CEO, regarding the collaboration.

As of early 2023, ALT sales staff are able to be with their customer and instantly produce a site plan by simply selecting the preferred design(s) from the catalogue, placing it on a map of their property, marking up all of the necessary site-related specifics and streamlining a whole lot of expert resources that have traditionally been required, including Drafting, Engineering and Town Planning.

Site plans are securely stored in the uDrew Digital Platform and personalised for the different roles, including the ability for Councils to review and annotate, further speeding up the process for all parties.

“It’s going to be a big year for ALT as we continue to invest in digital technologies to support our sales team and keep up with growing demand; utilising the uDrew Platform allows our sales team to produce more timely and accurate site plans and quotes as well as get them in and approved by Councils quicker … we’re excited!” – Darren Godden, ALT business development manager

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Pictured above: The uDrew Marketplace and Interactive Planner modules: Select your design & drag and drop it on your site to create instant compliant Site Plans.

uDrew’s internationally award winning technology has been designed to suit the broader construction industry and can also extend the same benefits to any other company with standard or pro forma designs, such as houses, granny flats, modules, sheds, carports and gazebos, or otherwise specific tools for sales, design, engineering & geotechnical companies, and can be configured quickly to work with any structure, anywhere in the world.

“uDrew has been built with flexibility, scalability and broad value in mind…Being a true platform, we have the ability to configure any structure type for any business, in any region very quickly…” said Young, uDrew’s CEO.

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