Interactive Planner

Product Overview

Interactive site plan tool & compliance check

Create and define site plan with the ability to plot items onsite with live compliance checks and annotate using the drawing tools.

  • Create and manage building projects for sites

  • Mark up existing and proposed site features along with relevant annotations

  • Add detailed annotations to proposed structures

  • Check setbacks + other rules

  • Produce to-scale site plans

  • Other Tools

  • Marketplace: Find additional products and services for your project. Find out more.
  • Shopfloor: Side-by-side site comparison Find out more.
  • Supplier App: Upload, configure & manage Marketplace items. Find out more.

Approvals at your fingertips.

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Cullum Ashton
Builderz WA General Manager
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Jason Calacanis
E812 This week in Startups