Perth Builders Expo – October 22, 2022

22 October 2022

It was an improvised stall with 48hrs notice, but uDrew delivered the goods at the 2022 Builders Expo at Perth town hall this weekend as we delivered dozens of real time Site Inspector reports to 25 happy homeowners owners and businesses.

With 500 attendees popping by, largely within a tiny 2 “rush” hour window,  the uDrew team was overwhelmed with customers!

The feedback was amazing and it was a great feeling to witness these brave “early adopters” faces light up as they realised what they can do with their property, after just a of couple clicks, without the usual many hours of research & countless back and fourth with design professionals & Local Government.

No more frustration, just genuinely happy & excited people about to begin their building process – which is how it should be!

One particular client made my day – She came in with a rough sketch of her house and mentioned she was pretty down as no one said they could get her dream design to work on her property.

While not intending to run our Interactive planner module that day, my empathy was too strong and we opened it up and sketched her design onto her property. After instantly generating the regulatory requirements, and dragging her design into place, we were able to identify exactly what the issue was and how to fix it, which took all of 2 minutes.

She was at the point of tears (of happiness, that is) and we visually saw the weight came off her shoulders as she realised she could finally build her dream home, without having to spend 6 months back and forth-ing, and saving several thousand $ in the process.

Another unintentional, but awesome, result of the day was the number of business registering to sign up, including 3 Drafts-people, an Architect and also 2 businesses who have asked to include their pro-forma designs within our market place to help their sales and design team.

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to say hello to us on Saturday, particularly the happy customers. Your kind words and feedback mean a lot and remind us why we keep fighting to change the world for the better and genuinely help millions by streamlining processes & promoting local economic development. For those who were put off by the queue, feel free to pop us a message and we’ll see how we can assist.

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