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25 September 2019

uDrew 2019 National iAwards Australia

Australia’s innovation through technology is booming. With companies like AfterPay, Atlassian, MYOB and many more bringing the spotlight onto Australia. Though these companies may not have started in a garage, they have started as a small entity with less than 5 people and grown to an international corporation that truly represents the potential that Australian tech innovators have.

For growing companies like uDrew, being recognised for innovation and the opportunity to present tech projects to a large national audience is an amazing opportunity. It gives Australians a sneak-peak of the future and what technology is going to be available that will boost economies, streamline processes, and overall make life easier.

Thanks to the National iAwards event of 2019, and all the sponsors and participants, uDrew has had this chance to represent our company and the future technology we are bringing to communities today! We have been named National Merit recipient in the startup category at the Australian Information Industry Association (iAwards).

We are thrilled to have been a part of this prestigious event where ambitious Australian innovators (past, present and future) go to demonstrate their life-changing ideas. uDrew progressed from the Western Australian State (WAITTA) awards within the Startup category to the national iAwards in the startup category. uDrew will be going to the international awards later this year to demonstrate Australian innovation through technology in the startup category.

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