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12 September 2020

Accelerating Commercialisation Grant Successful Recipient

The Accelerating Commercialisation grant is the federal government’s way of providing small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers with access to funding and expert advice on commercialising their business.

uDrew was accepted in the August 2020 funding offers with the project “uDrew: instant building plans, lower cost and faster Council approvals”.

It is an honour and a privilege to participate in the ACgrant, and to have the federal government acknowledge uDrew through this program.

Australia has the ability and potential to impact the world through innovative technology. The ACgrant is assisting uDrew in pursuing a global change in the way that people approach building projects.

It is replacing countless forms, red-tape, and months of waiting with a streamlined digital process that allows you to receive instant building plans at a lower cost with fast council approvals.